On-going treatment…

I’ve had it on my “to-do” list for months to write a blog and life has just gotten busy. But mostly I haven’t had the energy to sit and write. I have had so many thoughts, and I have wanted to write so many things, but this is what was on my mind today!

I really try to do some educating in this blog, because there is a lot about Breast Cancer that people don’t know. Everytime I start a new treatment I try to explain a little bit about it. I share because it’s the only way for people to understand the need for research, and the need for more treatment options. I am on my 4th line of treatment, in 6 years. Which is not bad. However, I know some women who are on their 10th line of treatment and they might be running out of options soon. I can’t stress enough how that is NOT OK!! We really have to work on making Metastatic Breast Cancer chronic and not terminal. I want to see a cure in my lifetime.

So, I started my new treatment in January. Enhertu was just approved by the FDA last year to treat women who are considered Her2-low. My cancer has not mutated from its original subtype (yes that can happen). I am still ER/PR+ and HER2-negative. But in the last few years doctors have noticed how one medicine designed to help one subtype can now help another. So now I am considered HER2-low and this medication is supposed to do the trick. I am lucky that my Oncologist was part of the research team for this new drug and has seen some great results.

A lot of people have asked how many treatments I will need, and the answer to that is “I don’t know”. This is an on-going treatment. Every 3 weeks for the rest of my life, or until it stops working and I have to move on to a 5th line of treatment. Unfortunately, there is no count down. I don’t see a finish line and I think that has caused me to feel “numb“. During my first chemo I knew there was an “end point“, but with this medication I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I honestly don’t know how people do it, and I don’t know how I am doing it? I guess trying not to focus on the fact that this is my life now. I already considered myself a full-time patient, but now it’s more real than ever.

I was hoping I could stay on oral chemo because being back in that chemo chair is traumatizing. Everytime I get my port flushed and I have to taste that Saline in the back of my throat I want to cry. My port is already starting to bother me. I am uber aware of it being in my body and I know I try to protect my right side because I am so paranoid about this foreign object in my body. I have to be careful with the way I sleep and how I sit. I am worried when I stretch or do yoga that I am going to yank it out. It’s insane to me to feel this way.

The side-effects of this new medication have been brutal. I have good days and bad days, but the 2 weeks after treatment are terrible. The stomach pain and digestive issues (mostly heartburn and acid reflux!!) I love food and now food is not my friend. I never realized just how much having an upset stomach can put you in a bad mood. I am so tired of eating white rice and potatoes. Yuck! Bone broth has helped, but I am so tired of soup. Honestly, sometimes I just want some pizza and wings, but I know I will pay for it. Saltine crackers have become my new best friend. I try to eat something small or snack every hour to avoid nausea. I finally start to feel some relief on my 3rd week and then I have treatment and we start the fun all over again!!!

My hair is not falling out like before. Now its thinning out. I don’t know which is worse? During my first chemo my hair physically hurt and I knew it was time to shave it. I didn’t mind being bald because I knew it was temporary. This time around it doesn’t hurt, but my scalp feels really weird. Either way, seeing my hair just fall out is taking a toll on me. Eventhough I have it short, it still makes me sad. I try my best to style it to make myself feel better. I put on make-up so that I don’t look as crappy as I feel. Most days I can handle the fatigue, but I hate not having the motivation to go for a walk. Richard usually guilt trips me into getting out of bed. At first, I get mad at him, but then realize it’s for the best and I don’t want to punch him in the face anymore. LOL

I am having a PET scan and an EKG in April. The meds can really mess with your heart, so we have to make sure all is well. I am hoping and praying that we get some good news. I need to know that this medication is working. I need to know that all of this crap I am feeling is not in vain. As long as I know that the meds are shrinking the tumors and it’s keeping the Cancer at bay, then I can continue on and I can deal with the side-effects.

I have to apologize for this post not being the usual motivational type that you are used to. It’s just that today is one of those days where I am being transparent and I am sharing how I feel. Maybe my next blog will be more upbeat…

Published by GreenChemoNinjas

I am a 44 year-old mother of two beautiful boys ( 11 & 8 y/o ). I have been a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters for over 18 years. I was honored as the 2018 National Big Sister of the Year. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2017, but I was Initially diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) Breast Cancer in August of 2016, when I was just 37 years old. Blessed to be in my 6th year living with MBC..... This is my story. I hope someone is inspired by my truth!

9 thoughts on “On-going treatment…

  1. Myra,

    I want you to know you are very inspiring to me. I hope you know that You’re not facing cancer alone. I am praying for you. Let me know if you need help with spreading this heart warming Blog 💕 via my networks. I will always have you and your Family in my prayers. I miss you and truly hope you overcome this 🙏🏼 I love your Family and you will always be an extension of mine. You ever need just to talk please don’t hesitate to call. 617.201.5930

    Love Victor

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  2. Myra you are always an inspiration but you are aloud to be real and share what’s you are going thru. Because your feelings and thoughts matter. Prayers for you and Richard daily asking for healing and strength. Love you guys!

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  3. Thank you Myra❤️ you are absolutely gorgeous with any hairstyle and makeup. You choose. Walks can brighten even my day and I’m the biggest homebody ever. Cesar guilts me into them as well. Enjoy the sun and breeze and nature in general. You are light and love and a GREAT mom. Xo -Steph

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  4. I admire your boldness & strength. You have always been an inspiration. You are in my prayers. Thank you for always being YOU. You are one of a kind. You are a Champion. A Warrior. Don’t give up! God is by your side. Love you Myra😘

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  5. Hi Myra
    I read your blog, you are unbelievable person for writing your blog. This is what we need, someone to give us the real path of your journey. Giving us your true emotions on what you are going through. Also have you try drinking turmeric tea. It does help with acid reflux and nausea.

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  6. People love you and are interested in your thoughts for so many reasons including that you are AUTHENTIC. Don’t feel obligated to write anything except what is meaningful to you!

    Thank you for sharing what you and your family are experiencing.

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