2022 Please be Good to me! Pt.2

First off, I am sorry to have left all of you hanging, but I needed some
time to process all of this. I also needed to make sure I informed by family before
I posted anything. I appreciate all of you who have reached out to me. I am truly
a lucky girl to be loved by so many amazing human beings.

So, here’s the deal folks: I was finally able to see my Oncologist on February
1st to review the results of my PET scan. I really wanted to make
sure I had all the information before I wrote this blog. I want you all to know
that I am okay. Honestly, I am at peace with it. Again, it’s the “best
case scenario” and I have to be grateful for that.


To make a long story short, I don’t have any new tumors, but I do have progression
in my bones. An area that was previously treated for Cancer is now showing some
activity. That means my legs and my right hip. My Radiologist would be willing
to treat the area if I was in any pain, but I am not. I just went hiking in
Colorado with no issues.  (Richard says I
am like a Pitbull with my high pain tolerance. LoL)

My Radiologist is concerned with treating this spot in my hip area and risking
the possibility of retreating the spot that was radiated last year (my femur). That
could breakdown the integrity of my bone. In the last year my bones have healed
from the radiation, and I wouldn’t want to cause any more damage to the bone. That’s
the last thing I want to do especially with my bone disease. I am already trying
to be so careful not to break anything. I don’t want to mess with my hip or my
mobility at this time. The thought of needing a hip replacement scares the crap
out of me.

At this stage of the game “Quality of Life” is more important. I
don’t want to put my body through any unnecessary treatment. My Oncologist doesn’t want me to run out of treatment options. That is a very high possibility, but I rather have that problem later and not now. I am already on my third line of treatment and once you have
tried a drug, and it doesn’t work for you, they will not allow you try it
again. That is why research is so important. Sorry to get on my soap box, but it’s true. Without funding for reasearch there are not many options for women living with Metastatic Breast Cancer. 

I appreciate my team staying on top of it, but I don’t see the need to be aggressive
at this time. I am in this for the long run. There was a mention of IV chemo,
and I gave her the “stank-eye”, like NOPE! NOT happening. I
understand if the cancer was in one of my major organs, but it’s not. So, unless
we get there, if we ever get there, that is not an option in my mind. I don’t
have a port and that would mean another surgery. My poor veins are already mad at me. 

The way I see it is, if we can keep the spot stable for the next couple of
years, then let’s try that. I know women who have lived with stable bone mets for
several years and have had a good quality of life. I am totally satisfied with being
“stable”. If we can keep this little sucker from growing or spreading than I am
content with leaving him alone. Yes, my cancer is a “he” because he is such a
little bastard. He can hang out for now and hopefully we can put him back to sleep.

I am happy I was able to advocate for myself and to be honest with my doctor
about what I want and how I feel. That is so important! I am going on 6 years living
with MBC (Metastatic Breast Cancer) and I should have a say in what happens to
my body.

We agreed that the plan is to closely monitor the area and to have another
PET scan in April.  I will also stay on my current treatment, which is an oral chemo pill. We are just going to revert to the traditional dose. I was having some weird side-effects and since I was doing so well, she changed the dose to a 4-week cycle to give my body some more time
to recover. I am already on the lowest dose, so we are going back to the 3-week
cycle. We feel like it should take care of the spots.

Thank you to all my Green Ninjas for the prayers and all the loving words. Keep them coming. They are appreciated and felt.

In the meantime, I am going to keep moving forward and living for today. Like I said, I am at Peace with all of this. This is the reality of living with a terminal disease. Eventhough, I don’t consider myself terminal and if you treat me like I am dying I will definitley slap you! Not even kidding!!  SLAP! SLAP!

I am on this rollercoaster ride for as long as God allows me to. So, I will continue to celebrate all the small victories. I have faith. I am trusting God and my Doctor to get me back on track.



2 thoughts on “2022 Please be Good to me! Pt.2”

  1. Hi my name is Joyce, I too was diagnosed last year in May with stage 4 MBC. I have had 3 months if chemo, masectomy and 25 rounds if radiation. It had spread in my lymph nodes and my lower back. I’ve also had 10 rounds of radiation on my back. I’m currently taking a hormonal treatment pill once a day. So I just wanted to tell someone that can relate to what I’m going through. I don’t know of any groups where I life to talk to. But thank you for listening. Love Joyce


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