I know! I have been slacking. I have had so many things on my mind, but haven’t had the time to just sit and write it all down. We just finished decorating our Christmas tree and Richard reminded me that we have had 10 amazing years together. We looked at all the ornaments that we have collected over the years. We have had a good run so far and we are blessed…. that got me focused.

Obviously, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and to be grateful for all of your blessings. I guess this year being thankful has a new meaning and has had more of an impact on my everyday life. Today, I almost cried in my car because I was grateful that I was able to go food shopping. Something that most people take for granted. I was grateful for the energy to be able to go grocery shopping so I could cook a meal for my family. It was something that made me feel “normal”. I know that might not make much sense to most people, but when you are sick you really just appreciate any little task that allows you the mental sanity to just feel like your old self. I am thankful that I was able to go to church on Sunday. Something I haven’t been able to do in over 3 months. We called our pastor and told him I would be there, but he needed to make an announcement that I couldn’t hug or touch anyone because of my immune system. It was awkward not being able to hug anyone, but the love and support was felt and appreciated.

The main reason I wanted to write this blog is because I am incredibly thankful for my my high school classmates, who surprised me with an amazing gift! They might not know it, but they have given me the ability to help  impact others. This weekend was my 20th high school reunion and as a surprise they set up a fundraiser in my honor. I was so sad I was not able to attend, but they arranged it so I could FaceTime during the festivities. I was completely shocked when I saw the Boston Latin Academy Class of 1996 wearing “Green Chemo Ninja” T-shirts. The intentions were to raise money to help me with any financial burdens, which is very generous, but my hubby, who knows me so well, told them that I would not accept the money.  Which is true. I would not feel comfortable accepting money. But they continued to sell the T-shirts and collected donations. When they told me this on Saturday night I was overwhelmed. I haven’t seen or spoken to some of my classmates in 20 years. We keep in touch via Facebook, but I haven’t lived in Boston since I graduated. The thought of them taking the time to support me from afar is truly overwhelming. Of course I was filled with emotions and I cried, but they were happy tears.

Because of their generosity I essentially have my own mini non-profit. I am going to talk to my cancer center this week to find out if there are any patients that are struggling and could use a kind gesture. If I can buy someone a wig, provide a meal or provide them with a day where they feel “normal” that would be amazing. I have always enjoyed helping others and if I can brighten someone’s day then I have done my part. That is truly a priceless gift. Thank you to my BLA family! I am thankful for each and everyone of you. I am have been blessed and I know that not everyone has the support needed to kick cancer’s ass. I will not take this responsibility lightly.





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