Round 2/ Chemo#2

Yesterday, November 9th, I had my 2nd Taxol (if you don’t know about chemo meds, you can google it). I have 10 more to go. If all goes well January 18th will be my last chemo. So for my prayer warrior, please pray for that date. Pray that my immune system is strong and capable of handling these drugs. Please pray that the next 10 weeks go by fast. It hurts me to say that because the holidays are coming up and I would love to enjoy them with my family. I would love to freeze time and enjoy watching my boys on Christmas day, but I may not have that luxury. I want these next two months to fly by so that I can move forward with surgery.

Richard was my “chemo date” yesterday. I joked with him and told him he was a boring date. He was so quiet. I think we were both just tired. Fuck you daylight savings. It was not meant for parents. My children were up at 4:30AM ready to go. We were also tired and upset about the election. Even at my cancer center the nurses were talking politics and I was so not in the mood to talk about the fuckery that this election has caused. I am fighting for my life here people, so Trump is the last person on my mind.

So far the side effects of the Taxol have been bearable. I still feel tired, but my crazy  butt was at work today. Work is a good distraction. It beats staying at home feeling sorry for myself. I did have some insomnia last night. I couldn’t fall asleep until 1am. I think it’s the steroids. Since they are messing with my hormones, I have been having  “hot flashes”. I wake up sweating and I get these weird cold and hot flashes on my scalp. The neuropathy is real. I have already started to feel the numbness in my finger tips. The only thing I can do is take vitamin B6 and hope it helps.

I know a lot of people have had questions about my genetic test being negative, so let me explain. Only about 10% of people actually test positive for the cancer gene. There are about 20 genes they are looking for. The reason it’s a GREAT thing that I am not a carrier is because I don’t have to worry about passing anything to my boys. Another reason is because if I were to have tested positive the likelihood of me developing ovarian cancer later on increases. Most women who have breast cancer have to worrying about developing ovarian or cervical cancer after dealing with the boobs. I don’t know about you, but I rather not have to have a hysterectomy at 38. So now my chances of  beating this have improved dramatically. Amen to that! I have decided to celebrate every victory in this battle, big or small its a slap in cancer’s face! I am all about slapping this SOB as many times as I can.


3 thoughts on “Round 2/ Chemo#2”

  1. Praying for you and your family always! That God gives you the strength to get you through the tough days.. Sending hugs and prayers your way! You are strong and Courageous! Hang in there, praying it goes by FAST😘 Xoxo

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  2. It’s so good you’re keeping note of your journey out of cancer. You’re not alone. I always admire your energy and vive. All weird stuff you’re feeling is normal and will make you stronger….by the way , can you choose your date for some one fun😘??lol…xoxo

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