Hurricanes and Chemo don’t mix

So today October 5th, I was lucky enough to have my 3rd chemo session before Hurricane Matthew decides to grace us with his presence. My sister Lisy came with me. I had warned her I would throw her out of the room if she cried. She was brave! I am proud of her. 

But now my house is totally upside down. Ply wood all over the windows. All the lawn furniture in my living room. Sebastian was worried about his tree house and asked if we could bring it inside the house. What the hell? How would we fit that thing in my living room? Haha A part of me wishes I could, just for him. 

We filled up the cars with gas, got ice, water, food, and poor Richard was on a mission to get a gas tank for the grill. Thank God for my dad. He was able to bring one from Naples. 

So all of this is happening while I am trying to rest and regain my strength after chemo. Isn’t this some bullshit. Haha 

I got my LoJack on so I am good and won’t need to see my doctor tomorrow. I pray this hurricane is kind to everyone. But someone please explain to me how I am supposed to keep 5y/o and a 2y/o entertained for two days while I am crashing? Mother Nature has a great sense of humor!! 

3 thoughts on “Hurricanes and Chemo don’t mix”

  1. Hshaaaaaa. Myra!!!

    2 long days of mami this and mami that. And if that tree house blows down (hopefully not) it’s gonna be hurricane Sebastian.

    So is that it Myra? I mean, third session was the final one? And what do you mean you have a Lojack so you don’t have to visit the doctor?

    I’m asking too many questions? If you guys need a hand after Matthew passes then just holla. If I can get to you then I’m there.

    Get some rest mama. Time to heal.


  2. Glad to hear it went well. As for the kids, ask Richard to built a fort with them in the living room. I hear that keeps little ones entertained for a while.

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