New Family Portrait 

So this just happened! 

As promised…Sebastian shaved my head today. I couldn’t take it anymore. My head hurt so much and having all this hair fall all over me was so depressing. This was my way of saying F**k You to Cancer! I am not going down easily! 

Sorry if you are offended by the language but at this point I don’t care..LOL. I was born with a full head of hair just like my boys were. So as you can imagine this was hard for me! 

New Family Portrait. The boys weren’t even phased.  My hubby is awesome. Even though I told him not to shave his head he did. 

12 thoughts on “New Family Portrait ”

  1. Honestly. I have never seen you more beautiful. You have such beauty within you and all around that not even a bald head puts a dimmer on your smile. You are f’ing sex!!!!


  2. Hi Myra, it is very rare that I post on fb or even comment on other postings, however saying that I have been following your journey and I have to say you are one of the most inspirational people that I have come across in a long time. you are so right when you said that you never know what to say to someone when they are sick, but with your drive and sure will to beat this disease I don’t think you need anything said, I think you are actually motivating and inspiring everyone that follows your journey. your words, updates, your ups and downs just show the type of person you are, and you Myra are a very strong individual and a survivor. and every time I read your words it only shows more and more how your outer shell doesn’t even compare to your inner heart so my friend with or without hair you are a beautiful person all around and I am definitely one of your prayer warriors!


  3. This gave me goosebumps! Honestly, there are no words to convey how I feel seeing this. You are a rock star! Love this family portrait!


  4. Myra I have so much to learn from you. You have really shown me what strength means and your family is beyond blessed to have you as their role model. You got this my love! Please call me when you have a moment. Never know what’s a good time to call you but know that you are on my mind everyday.


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