I swear if one more person sends me an en email or a video about a “Miracle cure” I am going to freaking lose it. If hear about another magic cream, herb or tonic that i should take I am going to flip my lid. I am really trying not to be rude. I know people have good intentions, but this is my life people. I am trusting my team of doctors to fix me. Besides, while you are on chemo your immune is compromised and i can’t take anything. I can’t even take a vitamin. Maybe after my chemo then i might drink a special tea, why not? But for now this has to stop! I don’t need the additional stress. I have enough on my plate.

If people really want to help there are a lot of things you can do. You could pray for me. Prayers is a powerful tool. Some people have added me to their prayer group and for that i thank you. I need my prayers warriors, so if you want to do something, do that! PRAY!

You can also call my husband to see if he’s okay. You can take my kids on a play date. Keep them distracted and happy. You can call my parents to make sure they have an outlet to vent. BUT PLEASE do not call my family crying. They do not have the time to console you.

You can clean my house, walk my dog, send a meal for my family so i don’t have to cook. Actually,  I have only had one dear friend (well she is more like family, and she knows who she is) do the sweetest thing. She is having soup delivered to my house. I have never heard of that, but just the thought that she took the time to  go online and find this “soup lady” brought me to tears!!

I don’t want to be completely negative. Other people have also been amazing. I have gotten postcards that have made me smile. I have received gifts in the mail that have brightened up my day. A mommy friend of my mine made a special bracelet with healing stones and a guardian angel charm. Another friend sent me a turtle bracelet, which I wear everyday. But the card alone and her words brought me to tears. It feels good to know that people care and they are supporting me, even from a far.

A lot of people have sent me text messages or emails, just to check in. That has  been wonderful. You guys Rock!!  I don’t have the energy to answer a lot of questions. I don’t want my day consumed with having to answer questions. So please if i want to talk about it then i will call you. I just want to feel like me. I just want to feel normal, especially if i am having a good.  Yesterday was such a good day. I woke up feeling great. I went to the Memorial Breast Cancer Center and they were having a celebration. I ate a cupcake and took pictures with my medical team (the picture is on Facebook). My white cell count is low, which is expected so i have to be careful, but overall i felt great. My doctor even said I looked good. I want to keep that same vibe going. I don’t have time to feel bad for myself. Besides, that is not my style.

5 thoughts on “Venting….”

  1. U go girl!! U kick this cancers ass every single day. U take this detour and make it your bitch and u know I love you and you always have my prayers!!!!!


  2. You don’t have cancer!!! Cancer has you and it better be prepared. Sending you and your family lots of love, prayers and positive vibes all the way from Boston.

    “By Jesus stripes I am HEALED.” 1 Peter 2:24


  3. I admire your vulnerability, and your strength. But mostly I praise you for speaking openly and honestly and teaching others what it is that you need from us in order to be helpful to you and your family. You are in my prayers.

    I am not this hair,
    I am not this skin,
    I am the soul that lives within.

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