5 years and counting…

August 20, 2021 marked my official 5-year Cancerversary. This is not counting the year I unknowingly lived with Breast Cancer. Can I count that year? Anyways, the last 5 years have been interesting. There have been a lot of ups and downs, but thankfully most of my experiences have been a blessing and I am so grateful that there have been more good days than bad.

This pandemic has made the last year more difficult for all of us, but I am trying to find a way to celebrate my 5-year Cancerversary by doing something that makes me happy. A few of those things are becoming a Young Advocate for the Living Beyond Breast Cancer organization. (www.lbbc.org) When I resigned from Big Brothers Big Sisters, I said that I would dedicate my time to being an advocate. So, the fact that I was chosen makes me feel like I am where I need to be. God is good that way. He put me right where I need to be. I am excited to work with 26 amazing survivors. We represent all demographics, ages 24-46 and 16 states. I will spend the next year planning some events that will help bring awareness to LBBC and their services. I will also be using this platform to bring more awareness to the need for Breast Cancer research. Patients living with Metastatic Breast Cancer need more treatment options. I have lost too many Metsisters this year. I think we are all aware, so now the mindset needs to change towards finding a cure…. Pinkwashing has already started and it’s not even October yet!

This year I also took a leap of faith and started my own small business and became a consultant with Perfectly Posh. I have never done direct sales and didn’t even know if I would be good at it. You hear so many negative things about direct sales, but honestly so many peole have had to rely on it inorder to survive during this pandemic. For some people it is their only source of income and their livelihood. But after having to resign from my job I needed something to keep my busy. The boys went back to school and I was left at home alone with only my thoughts.

These last few months I have really loved being my own boss, and I can shape this business to fit some of my interests. For example, I love helping people and I love that Posh allows me to remind women that self-care is not selfish. As moms we need to take time to recharge in order to continue to take care of our families. A lot of us are burnt out and never find the time for us. The depression and anxiety that Covid has created is heartbreaking. We all deserve to be pampered and Posh is not just about selling soaps. The culture really is about taking a few minutes to do something nice for ourselves. I also love that the products are natural. I am a huge advocate for clean products. I try not to put any unnecessary chemicals in or on my body. I already take a chemo pill every day!! The detox is real!

As a small thank you for all that they do I was able to gift my Oncology team, as well as the nurses at my Breast Cancer Center with some Yummy hand creams. They were so grateful. I was just happy I was able to put a smile on their faces. They are working overtime now trying to help their patients. Being treated for Cancer during a pandemic is a nightmare. I can’t imagine having had to sit during chemo by myself. Walking into my Breast Cancer center is so different now and I can see the stress in the eyes of everyone there. I feel like my Oncology Team is family. I see them every 3 weeks and they deserve to know that they are appreciated.

I have also donated products to other cancer patients. I asked my team if they had a patient taking the same medication and if they were having similar side-effects. The Hand and Food Symdrome is a pain in the ass. The CBD products from Posh have been a game changer for me, and I am so happy that I can help other patients manage some of their side-effects.

I have also sent out little “pampering kits” to women that could use a little reminder of how awesome they are. I am also a sponsor for a few MBC events that are coming up. I am so happy that I can gift over 75 women (MBC thrivers) with a little pampering kit.  

During the week you can find me on my office floor putting these little packets together. There is something empowering about running a business on your own terms. I am not putting pressure on myself. I am having fun with it, and I can be creative. This all makes my heart happy!

Next month I will be taking a much-needed girls’ trip with my mom…. She has her own story to share now… more to come on that.

So, what is my next adventure going to be? I am not sure, but whatever it is I am open to it! I have always tried to keep myself open to new experiences and I refuse to let this diagnosis stop me from living a full life. Eventough I am exhausted I need to keep it moving.

So how did you celebrate your Cancerversary? I am curious to know. Please share your stories. I am celebrating all year long and need some fun ideas…

Metavivor Perseverance Campaign 2021

By the way, I am officially the face for the month of Septembers #ThisIsMBC Campaign. The theme is Perseverance. It was awesome to work with Metavivor and one of my sheros Beth Fairchild. There were 12 of us chosen for this Campaign and we have already lost 2 Metsisters. Check out my video on Youtube. https://youtu.be/6qvN-iC4xhY

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I am a 44 year-old mother of two beautiful boys ( 11 & 8 y/o ). I have been a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters for over 18 years. I was honored as the 2018 National Big Sister of the Year. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2017, but I was Initially diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) Breast Cancer in August of 2016, when I was just 37 years old. Blessed to be in my 6th year living with MBC..... This is my story. I hope someone is inspired by my truth!

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