Chemo with my dad

On Wednesday, October 19th I had my 4th chemo session. This was the last of this treatment. I will be starting a new chemo next week. Now I won’t get a break in between sessions. I will have weekly treatments for the next 3 months. Its supposed to be a less aggressive medicine, but I am not sure how my body will react. I pray that my body can tolerate weekly treatments. It’s funny because I always thought it would be my bones that would cause all of this. I grew up with a rare bone disease (if you didn’t know, well now you know). I was always worried about having kids because I didn’t know if my bones would be able to handle the extra weight. But I was blessed with two great pregnancies and two healthy boys. But now, I still feel like my body betrayed me. I guess its normal and part of the process.

chemo-with-dadSo, this last chemo was special because it was the first time my dad has gone with me. I was nervous. I wasn’t sure how he would react or if we would have anything to say. My dad is a cancer survivor (again, if you didn’t know now you know) and I am sure all of this makes him angry, even if he doesn’t tell me in those words. It can’t be easy for him to see his little girl go through all of this crap. But we made the best of it. We played dominos and just chatted. It was nice. He was brave!

I am starting to see some of the side effects of chemo. They had to take blood for the genetics test and they blew my vein. It looks like someone beat me up. Its a pretty bad bruise on my arm, but it doesn’t hurt (just look at the picture).


The fatigue is still in full effect and the body aches have also knocked me out. Its funny that the day after chemo I feel decent. But Friday and Saturday are the worst. My parents took the boys for the weekend so that I could rest. The boys get to enjoy some fishing, while mommy rests. This should be a good week for me. I will go to work, spend time with my family and then next Saturday we are doing the Breast Cancer Walk. I am looking forward to that. I should be feeling great for the walk.  I even bought something fun to wear. You will have to wait and see. Next week starts a new process. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.


I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been reading my blog, following my story. I appreciate all of the love and support I have been receiving. Its a little overwhelming at times, but I am so happy that I can give other people hope. On those days you might be feeling down, I am honored to be a that little chip on your shoulder reminding you that things could be worse. If I can motivate you to get out of bed and to do something, than GREAT!! And if I have to magically give you a swift kick in the ass to get you out of your funk, then so be it! LOL

3 thoughts on “Chemo with my dad”

  1. Ay Myra! Sometimes Im left speechless at your strength and will to live. Quiero que sepas que sigues en mi mente y en mi corazon. Adelante amiga que tu puedes!


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