The 411

I have never been a blogger, but I have been told I should start a blog to share my story. So I am hoping that someone will be inspired by my story, or my “detour” as I like to call it. I named this site my “Green Chemo Ninjas”… because I love green and I am hoping everyone that reads this will become one of my Ninjas and helps me fight Breast Cancer. I am also depending on my “Prayer Warriors”…

All of you probably have a lot of questions. I don’t have time to answer all of them, so I am hoping this blog can help. The first question has been “what stage”. I was intially diagnosed Stage 3 IDC ER+/PR+ Her2-.  I don’t carry the BRCA gene. But this all changed after I finished chemo. In January of 2017 they found that the cancer has already spread to my spine. I am now living with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Another question has been “how did you find out”.  Well, I felt a lump on my right breast in November of 2015. I thought it was a clogged duct from breast feeding Leo. I went to see my Gyno, who told me to wait 6 months for the milk to dry up and to get an ultrasound. I noticed that the lump had gotten larger and you could see it through my skin. I had my ultrasound and my first mammogram in July, which lead to a much needed biopsy on both breasts. Through all of this there was a sense of urgency which made me realize I was in for a bumpy ride. I didn’t want to play the waiting game, so the doctor was nice enough to call me on a Saturday afternoon to give me the results of my biopsy. As of August 20, 2016 nothing has been the same.