This is living with Metastatic Breast Cancer…

I wish life was simple and that living with Metastatic Breast Cancer was a straight and narrow path, but unfortunately it is a rollercoaster of emotional distress and medical jargon. Essentially, you don’t get a break, and when you think you are in the clear and that you can finally breath, something happens to spiralContinue reading “This is living with Metastatic Breast Cancer…”

Saying goodbye to 2018!

I started writing this post on Tuesday, December 11, 2018. I finally remembered to post it… LOL Happy New Year!! ———————— I was so excited about this Christmas season. We bought our tree, decorated it and our house was feeling festive. Then all of that changed. We finally hired someone to fix the walls thatContinue reading “Saying goodbye to 2018!”