2nd Chemo down!

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 I had my second chemo treatment (14 more to go). My mom accompanied me. She was great.  I wasn’t sure how she was going to react to seeing her baby get poison pumped into her body. But she was brave and strong for me. The side effects were the same as the first.  Not much nauseous but a lot of fatigue. The bone and body aches are manageable. However, this time my head hurt alot more. My scalp is very sensitive and I had to take some pain killers to sleep. I woke up to find a lot of hair on my pillow and when I ran my fingers through my hair a had a hand full of hair. So it has begun. I am not sure  how long I am going to wait. I might have to shave my head this weekend, but tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. We can’t go out to celebrate because of my immune system. We are going to order in and celebrate at home, but I would like to keep my hair for that. Monday might be the day.

I have to admit I am overwhelmed, but in a good way, with all the love and support I have recieved. I have cried so many happy tears. I am amazed at the support and all the kind words.  The text messages and everyone reaching out on Facebook. I really wasn’t sure how people would react. I know its weird when someone is sick. You really don’t know what to say. But my family and friends have found a way to make me feel comforted and loved. For that I truly feel blessed and grateful. I love the T-shirt that my dear friend Tai made to show her support from afar. I love that my couins Alex and Tyra have also made T-shirts to show their support From Worcester. My sister-in-law Patricia and cousin Ilean have sent me some amazing products to keep my skin hydrated.  My aunt Migdalia who is a breast cancer survivor made me a great hat to wear to keep my head warm. My cousin Evy came to visit yesteday and brought me some yummy food.

The idea of people taking the time to think of me melts my heart! I actually ordered a hat that says “Blessed”.. because despite having Breast Cancer I am blessed. I am looking on the bright side. It’s the only thing that keep me going. I am looking forward to having a HUGE party next year to celebrate my recovery and wearing a shirt that says “Survivor”.

Words can’t express how grateful I am. I have a dear mommy friend that is taking Sebastian to the movies today. He’s so excited for his playdate. I am happy that my boys have been able to maintain some type of normalcy. They get to be kids and to have fun. I hug them every minute I get and they know mommy loves them with all of her heart and that I am going to beat this monster for them!

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I am a 44 year-old mother of two beautiful boys ( 11 & 8 y/o ). I have been a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters for over 18 years. I was honored as the 2018 National Big Sister of the Year. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2017, but I was Initially diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) Breast Cancer in August of 2016, when I was just 37 years old. Blessed to be in my 6th year living with MBC..... This is my story. I hope someone is inspired by my truth!

4 thoughts on “2nd Chemo down!

  1. Myra, leo cada palabra que escribes, estas en nuestras oraciones. No puedo esperar ver la foto vistiendo la camiseta que diga “survivor” Dios te bendiga.


  2. Desde la distancia te cubrimos en oracion y damos gracias a Dios por la fortaleza que recibes.
    Te amamos muchisimo y te enviamos un abrazote desde Puerto Rico. Eres especial chiquilla!
    Dios te bendiga! Nos vemos prontito.


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